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released September 1, 2015

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Cody Landers.

Artwork by Dawson Inman.



all rights reserved


CREUX Memphis, Tennessee

Creux is a 4 piece band from Memphis Tennessee blending influences from metalcore and hardcore.

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Track Name: Introduction
I'm at the end of my rope
I'm not so sure I'll ever hit the floor
Don't second guess like you know what's best
I can't escape the fire that's burning in my chest.

(I need an exit)
Track Name: Eighty Sixed
Misery loves company

Addictions, convictions
the bias, division
I am the product of your worst intentions
Haunted & taunted,
so fucking unwanted
A mute mouth who never could drown his self doubts

Sink your teeth into me, watch me sin
face reality
Sink your teeth into me, watch me sin.

Living & learning
tossing & always fucking turning
I brought this all unto myself
trusting the undeserving

I may have laid my head to rest in the shadows of every doubt
but now I'm standing up and standing tall to push you back out

Although I love,
how can I truly live?

Every vice
perspires from your skin,
a burning stench, reduced to hopelessness.

Who will save me from me?
I'm in over my head, and noone will care until I'm fucking dead.
Track Name: Half Life (feat. Austin Scherzberg of Zealot)
Fuck yourself up
Drink yourself sick
Call it a good night
(tell me) is that noose a perfect fit?

Swallow every pill, street meds refilled
a not so reassuring smile and bedroom eyes that kill
Beauty won't be there to save you, and then we'll see who's grave is first filled.

Your advantage
is only skin deep.
Your lies are feeble,
they're so fucking weak.

I'm out of here, I've screamed it loud & clear
I'll let my anger drive me away
It's safe to say that I don't fear fate
The same questions every day,
Do I have every person I need?

It's me versus myself in all my misery

I can tell by the look in your eyes that you may just not make it out of here alive
Throw it all away for a feeling you thrive,
this is life or death
do you want to survive?
I don't wanna know you
I refuse to be nothing more than a witness
I don't wanna know you
One good night, you fucking wasted your life.

Tortured by the gut wrenching truth,
I stooped so low so I could reach out to you.

To escape todays reality,
you embrace your own insanity
Track Name: Paradise White
Vulnerable at best
swallowing every bullshit lie you're fed
as you lie awake in your bed
I know that you're consumed
by the thoughts inside your head

A low road paved by shatter & snow,
a path I swore I'd never tread before
Couldn't bear the thought of my mothers screams
This family is torn at the fucking seams

I am not just like you, brother
I am not just like you, motherfucker.

God willing, if we're the same
take a blade and sever my veins
Watch as I spill my shame,
in a hope you might remember my name

The lack of care for your seed
leaves a scar like a noose, in the family tree.

I will remain true.
Fuck you.

The lines were never fucking blurred.
No, I am not like you.
Track Name: The Epicenter
Who the fuck am I even kidding
my own thoughts, they have me beat
Trampled over like the dirt on the floor
always stuck in the moments heat

I burn

Epiphanies of bitter thoughts, or I'm too deep in over my head
I feel so dead
I feel so fucking dead
This malice fits like a noose around my neck
the spoken truth only kicks the chair

I drive my nails into my palms
As I grit my teeth

& I've remained in this isolated state
counting the blessings within my every last mistake.

Fuck the where, the when, the how
The truth is blood, and the time is fucking now.

The truth is blood
The time is now

This is where Hells meets home
there is no faith, there is no trust, there is no hope.
If there's one thing that I know
I've grown accustomed to this Hell, I call my home.

This is where Hell meets home.
This is where Hell meets home.